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5 Steps to Improving Engagement in Meetings

5Steps to Improving Engagement in Meetings The interview for that new job youre hoping to get. The coffee date with your personal hero and, hopefully, future mentor. The make-or-break sales demo with that perfect-fit client. The last-ditch attempt to mend a broken partnership.When everyone in the room understands whats at stake, engagement is automatic. We dont worry about engagement in unterstellung situations. Instead, we focus on success. When you are clear about why your group needs to meet and what you want to accomplish together, engagement is natural.Sadly, many meetings lack this clarity.The good news Every meeting can be as focused, compelling, and engaging as the high-stakes meetings listed above when you follow these five steps 1. Define What You Want People to ContributeGet clear about what you want to help each person actively do or say during the meeting. Engagement involves more than simply paying attention Active engagement results in observable behavior.It helps to visualize the meeting in advance and think through everyone invited. Picture in your mind what each person will do in your best-case scenario. Thats the engagement you want.If you picture someone just listening quietly, they probably dont belong at your meeting. Of the 16 types of meetings businesses run, only two (training and broadcasts) expect a passive audience. The rest of our business meetings are not spectator sports only active players belong in the game. 2. Ask for EngagementDo you want written feedback? Verbal input in a go-around? A show of hands? Get specific and provide examples.This seems obvious, and thats actually the problem. To the person leading the meeting, its obvious how things should play out, because they have thought about it in advance. Meeting leaders frequently forget to fill everyone else in, though. They dont give people advance notice about how to prepare for the meeting, and they dont ask clear questions during the meet ing. Then, they get frustrated when no one participates.Remember You must explicitly ask for engagement to get engagement. 3. Make Space for People to EngageMake sure you have enough meeting time for engagement. For example, to get feedback from 10 people with each speaking for just two minutes, you need 20 minutes.Many leaders prefer meetings with five or fewer people precisely because its far easier to make sure everyone has a chance to contribute in a small group. We cant keep all meetings tiny, though. With more people involved, you have three options- Make the meeting longer so everyone has time to speak.- Break out some facilitation skills. There are great ways to engage large groups, all of which require advance planning and some know-how to pull off.- Accept that youre going to basically ignore some of the people in the meeting.This last option is the default choice in most corporations. Its also a lousy way to treat people. 4. Acknowledge ContributionsAt the very least, peo ple who make a contribution to the meeting deserve thanks.For many individuals, speaking up in a group means taking a personal risk. Some people are shy, and some environments are hostile. Whether the risk arises from internal or external factors, it totenstill takes courage and effort to overcome. When this contribution is then glossed over, when its dismissed, or when you havent made time for it, people learn that the risk was not worth the effort.Many high-performing teams make a point of reserving time at the end of each meeting for sharing appreciations, where individuals publicly thank one another for specific contributions. This is a fabulous way to acknowledge the value people bring, improve team relationships, and reinforce the benefits of contributing for those who might be reluctant to speak up. 5. Use What You ReceiveMost importantly, make sure contributions made during the meeting impact what happens after the meeting. With our high-stakes meetings, this is a no-brainer . Can you imagine a salesperson failing to send over a contract after a successful demo? Hardly. In these cases, we know that the decisions we make in the meeting will result in action after the meeting.That shouldnt be different for other meetings and yet, it often it is.For example, strategic planning workshops are notorious for creating a significant outcome that never gets used, and not because they fail to engage participants. Its possible to run a fabulously engaging workshop to build out your companys strategic plan, only to then have that plan sit on the shelf for a year.When it comes to engagement, the rule is use it or lose it. Clever facilitation tricks cant get people engaged if they learnengagement doesnt matter. When people see theyve made a difference, however, theyll contribute again.Every meeting presents an opportunity for engagement and the creation of new value. For some meetings, this opportunity is obvious. For others, we have work to do. When you follow the f ive simple steps outlined above, youve got a great shot at transforming every meeting into one worth your teams investment.J. Elise Keith is the cofounder of Lucid Meetings and the author of Where the Action Is The Meetings That Make or Break Your Organization. Connect with her on Twitter EliseID8.

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I Want to Quit My Job - How to Resolve Problems at Work

I Want to Quit My Job - How to Resolve Problems at WorkI Want to Quit My Job - How to Resolve Problems at WorkWhen Jim graduated from college, he began his first job within days. The employer recruited him before graduation. Just after he received his first paycheck, Jim moved out of his parents house into an apartment of his own. A couple of months later he bought a new car. All was going well...until it wasnt. About six months into his job, his employer merged with another company. Jims boss, who was also his mentor, got transferred. Jim had a new boss who paid little attention to what Jim was doing except when he criticized him. Jims job was still a dream- a bad one He was stuckverzierung in a job he hated. He knew his lack of experience and abbreviated tenure with his employer would plague his job search. He also didnt think he would get a good reference. Jims situation isnt all that unusual. In fact, you may find that it hits very close to home. Do you want to quit your job, but cant due to extenuating circumstances. You may have a job you dont like (or even hate), but know you wont be able to find another one due to lack of experience.Or you may have a mortgage to pay or a family to help support and cant risk losing the income. Whatever your reason for staying at a job you dislike, there are ways to make the best of this less than ideal situation. Figure Out What You Dont Like and What You Do The first thing you need to do is sit down and make a list of the things you dont like about your job. Now come on, dont say everything. Sometimes when you hate something, or several things, about your job, it makes you so miserable it seems as if you hate it all. Try to find specific problems. Pick a time to think about it when there is a little distance between you and work. Doing this will allow you to see things more clearly. Vacation time is ideal, but a weekend will do. Be specific. If you say you dont get along with your boss, list the things about him or her that bother you. Now, list the things you like about your job. Again, dont say nothing. Sometimes all the bad stuff overshadows the good, but if you look hard enough,you can find something you like about your job. Maybe its your boss, or your coworkers, or some of your duties. Then look at the list of things you dislike. Can you easily resolve any of these issues? Most situations are not as hopeless as they seem. For example, if youre having problems with your boss, can you sit down and discuss them with him or her? Before you do, try to look at the issue objectively. There are two sides to every story. Make an effort to see your bosss side. Maybe you can make some changes that will improve the relationship. Are you unhappy with the work itself? Sometimes a job evolves so that what you were hired to do isnt at all what you are doing. If you are only doing work in which youre not interested, you need to do something about it. Dont let your employer define yourcareer pathfor you. You must be proactiveabout your career or you will just be dragged along. Unless you get experience in your field, you wont be able to build your resume. Ofcourse, this isnt what you want to tell your boss, but you should speak up. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? Having many responsibilities isnt necessarily a bad thing. Your boss may have given them to you because he or she felt you could handle it. If you are indeed drowning in workand cant complete it within a reasonable amount of time, you musttalk to your boss. Next, considerthe listof things you like about your job. Are there specific things you enjoy doing. Try to take on more of those responsibilities. Most likely, if you enjoy what youre doing, you will do it well, and this could lead to your boss noticing your performance. Do you get along with your boss but hate the work youre doing? A smart boss will be hesitant to give up an employee with whom he or she has a good relationship andwill p robably be willing to accommodate him or her. Let your boss know that you would like to do more of the work youenjoybut are willing to pick up the slack when he or she needs you to. Are You Looking For mora? People sometimes complain they are bored with their jobs. They feel they can handle greater responsibilitythantheir boss has given them.Express an interest in projects you know you can handle. If you get turned down, dont worry. Prove yourself instead. Findvolunteer opportunitieswhere you can hone yourskills. Call your bosss attention to what you are accomplishing outside of work. If he or she doesnt acknowledge your newexperience, take comfort in the fact that it will look great on your resume when you embark on a job search. Go back to school on your employers dime, if possible. Find out whateducational benefitsyour company offers. Many larger organizations providetuition assistanceor reimbursement for their employees. Itis sometimes required that you stay at the company f or a specified period of time after completing your education. With the cost of tuition as high as it is, making this commitment might be worth it. Following the suggestions in this article can help you get the most out of a less than perfect situation. If you have no choice but to stay with your current employer, you have nothing to lose anyway. You may even gain something- new skills or additional education, for example. You may find that not only can you tolerate your job, but you may also even begin to enjoy it.

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The Premier Issue of DEMAND is with the November Mechanical Engineering Magazine

The Premier Issue of DEMAND is with the November Mechanical Engineering Magazine The Premier Issue of DEMAND is with the November Mechanical Engineering Magazine The Premier Issue of DEMAND is with the November Mechanical Engineering MagazineThe student team from the University of San Diego and their inspection vehicle prototype took top honors at the District D dezentral ASME Student Design Competition last April. The team will be one of the 23 teams of ASME student members competing in the final round of the competition next month at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. A new Society publication, DEMAND ASME Global Development Review, is being delivered with the November issue of Mechanical Engineering. The new publication, a hybrid between a magazine and a journal, provides a platform for engineers and other technically trained people in the multinational development space to share their insights with the greater engineering community thro ugh in-depth case studies and articles that explore the technical, programmatic and community challenges related to their field.DEMAND was created and published by ASME in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering magazine with reports from Engineering for Change (E4C) and support from the ASME Foundation.The content of DEMAND covers a variety of subjects, ranging from project evaluation via instrumented monitoring to methods for eliminating indoor air pollution to the challenges around funding social innovation projects. These topics are approached from the perspective of the engineer and global development practitioner, presenting stakeholder-driven innovation as a model for solving the most pressing challenges of disadvantaged communities.When working with communities, its not engineering as usual, said Noha El-Ghobashy, ASMEs director of Engineering for Global Development, explaining the motivation behind the new publication. The complexity of these challenges and the impact on peoples lives necessitates that we consider the broader social, economic and political contexts. Our aim is to profile innovative solutions while challenging the existing and upcoming corps of engineers and practitioners to re-invent approaches, methods and assumptions that often stand in the way of effective and sustainable solutions.The editor-in-chief of Mechanical Engineering magazine, John Falcioni, believes the value of the new magazine is in its approach. This is a unique publication, he said. We are shooting for the best of both worlds DEMAND has a peer review component, as well as a general-interest editors touch. We hope that the content is inviting to readers who are involved in the developing world space and also to those who are not but are interested in the topic. Besides the content, the graphic elements of DEMAND make it very smart, very contemporary.In addition to the print edition, DEMAND will also be available in November as a downloadable app from both the iOS an d Android stores. The app includes interactive information, enhanced graphics and videos. You can also visit the publications web page on at http// and join the conversation on the topics you read about in the issue.

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Ensuring Artificial Intelligence Helps Humanity

Ensuring Artificial Intelligence Helps Humanity Ensuring Artificial Intelligence Helps Humanity Ensuring Artificial Intelligence Helps HumanityArtificial intelligence shapes everything from the music we hear, to the web pages and news stories suggested to us, to whether taxis are nearby, to the way our cars drive, to the way we work. So how AI develops is more than a computer science issue. Its an issue for menschengerechts to grapple with.Now an initiative between the MIT Media Lab and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University seeks to ensure AI develops for the public good. It will collaborate on unbiased, evidence-based work on AI across disciplines and sectors, says Albert Ibargen, president and chief executive officer of the Knight Foundation, which is one of the efforts funders.Even when we dont know it, artificial intelligence affects virtually every aspect of our modern lives. Technology and commerce will ensure it will impact every society on ea rth, Ibargen says. Yet, for something so influential, theres an odd assumption that artificial intelligence agents and machine learning, which enable computers to make decisions like humans and for humans, is a neutral process.Its not, he says.Pepper is one of the new generation of engaging and friendly robots created to communicate with humans. Image PixabayArtificial intelligences rapid development brings many tough challenges, says Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab.For example, how do we make sure that the machines we train dont perpetuate and amplify the same human biases that plague society? he asks. How can we best initiate a broader, in-depth discussion about how society will co-evolve with this technology, and connect computer science and social sciences to develop intelligent machines that are not only smart, but also socially responsible?Developing AI needs to be a joint effort that includes computer scientists, engineers, social scientists, ethicists, philosophers, f aith leaders, economists, lawyers, and policymakers, he says.The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fundthe initiatives formal namewill address the challenges of artificial intelligence from multiple perspectives intends to bridge the gap between the humanities, the social sciences, and computing, Ito adds.The thread running through these otherwise-disparate phenomenon, is a shift of reasoning and judgment away from people, says Jonathan Zittrain, cofounder of the Berkman Klein Center and a professor of law and computer science at Harvard.Sometimes thats good, as it can free us up for other pursuits and for deeper undertakings, he adds. And sometimes its profoundly worrisome, as it decouples big decisions from human understanding and accountability. A lot of our work in this area will be to identify and cultivate technologies and practices that promote human autonomy and dignity rather than diminish it.Specifically, the initiative intends to carry out the following ite ms and to help answer the questions that arise from themCommunicate complexity How do we best communicate, through words and processes, the nuances of a complex field like AI?Ethical design How do we build and design technologies that consider ethical frameworks and moral values as central features of technological innovation?Advance accountable and fair AI What kinds of controls do we need to minimize AIs potential harm to society and maximize its benefits?Innovation in the public interest How do we maintain the ability of engineers and entrepreneurs to innovate, create and profit, while ensuring that society is informed and that the work integrates public interest perspectives?Expand the conversation How do we grow the field to ensure that a range of constituencies are involved with building the tools and analyzing social impact?The two institutes have experience crossing disciplines. The Media Lab developed the Moral Machine platform, which has collected 2.5 million responses fro m people about whether they think autonomous vehicles should choose to save passengers or pedestrians in a crisis situation. The Harvard center has been an incubation center for the Creative Commons and Digital Public Library of America.The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund will be housed at The Miami Foundation in Miami.Jean Thilmany and independent writer. For Further Discussion Even when we dont know it, artificial intelligence affects virtually every aspect of our modern lives. Technology and commerce will ensure it will impact every society on earth. Albert Ibargen, CEO, Knight Foundation

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Using Decision Theory to Make Your Workplace Efficient

Using Decision Theory to Make Your Workplace EfficientUsing Decision Theory to Make Your Workplace EfficientYoure familiar with Decision Theory (or Game Theory) whether you know it or not. You may have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, about John Nash, who was a pioneer in this field. Or, youve probably discussed in a class or retreat the most famous decision theory case The Prisoners Dilemma. In the Prisoners Dilemma, you have two prisoners who have committed a crime together, but you dont have enough evidence to send them to jail for the term they deserve. The detective separates the prisoners and gives them options. If neither prisoner confesses, both will go to jail for one year.If you confess and your lebensgefhrte does not, you go free, and your partner goes to jail for ten years.If you do not confess and your partner does, your partner goes free, and you go to jail for ten years.If both of you confess, you both go to jail for five years. So, what does the prisoner do? It depend s on how much you trust your accomplice. How Does Decision Theory Relate to Human Resources and Management? If this doesnt seem to relate to management or Human Resources (at least most of the time youre not dealing with police investigations), in reality, behauptung are the types of decisions you make every day. Think about year-end raises. You have a total of $3,000 to divide between two employees. Here are some of your options. Give the total amount to the star performer.Divide the money evenly.Give 75 percent to the star, 25 percent to the other person. You can consider many ways to divide the money, but just like in the prisoners dilemma, youll experience the consequences of your decision. If you give all of the money to the better performing employee, youll probably keep that person happy, but youll damage the morale of the other employee. If you split the money, 50/50, the star will feel like shes worked super hard for no reason, while the less productive employee will se e no reason to improve. You have to strike a balance, and thats where decision theory comes into play. Decision Theory Requires You to Thoroughly Consider Your Options The decisions you make should be logical- you should think through your options when you make choices. Sometimes you can use a decision tree to consider all of your options. Usually, these are yes/no options. Youve probably seen funny decision making trees on the internet, but you can use them for a variety of practical decisions. They can help you sort through the what-ifs of any situation or decision. For instance, if you are considering implementing a dress code, you can use a decision tree to help you determine what type of dress code will work for your business. Your decision tree would start like this Are your employees customer-facing in their jobs? If yes, do the customers expect business dress? If no, do you have safety issues? You can work through the yesses, and nos to figure out what will work the best in your organization. If you determine that the employees are not customer facing and they have no safety issues, then open-toed shoes are appropriate for your dress code. If the employees are customer facing, but the customers dont expect business dress, then you can go for a business casual dress code. You may say that you can make these decisions without a decision tree, and its highly likely that you can. But, youll be surprised how often companies dont think through the yesses, and nos of a decision tree. It is how you end up with crazy policies that require IT people, who crawl on the floor to connect wires under desks, to wear suits. Or, you enable employees to wear open-toed shoes company-wide, rather than just in the office, when factory employees who work with products could easily break their toes. Apply Decision Theory to Potential Personal Conflicts Figuring out the consequences of each decision an employee makes is often tricky, but in this example from the nachri chtensendung, going through the decision tree would have helped. A Starbucks in Philadelphia made the news when the manager called police on two black men who were sitting in the cafe and had not ordered anything. Her decision tree should have looked like this. Have they ordered anything?If yes, leave them alone.If no, have you spoken to them?If no, speak to them.If yes, what did they say?If we are meeting someone here, then check back in 15 minutes.If we are just hanging out, remind them that they need to place an order. If the manager followed this same decision tree with every person who sat at a table- regardless of their race, you would have seen a different outcome. Going through these thought exercises can help remove any biases that you may have- conscious or unconscious, from the decision making. Decision theory has plenty of practical applications, and you can use it within HR and management to discover clear answers about what you should do in any given situation. Decisio n theory can help you explore the likely consequences of each action you take or decision you make. It is helpful for everyone- your employees, customers, managers, and other stakeholders.

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Customize this Outstanding Experienced Telecommunications Account Management Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Experienced Telecommunications Account Management Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Experienced Telecommunications Account Management Resume TemplateCreate ResumeAdan Thomson100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019 H (555) 322-7337 example-emailexample. Executive SummaryPossesses a strong passion for success, an abundance of energy and is committed to delivering superior service and performance. Self-motivated, goal oriented and a team player excited to learn and grow as a member of the team. Additionally, able to comfortably explain and educate consumers and sales associates, and make product recommendations. Able to make quality sales presentations and vorzeige to consumers for increased sales results.Professional Experience07/2012 to 09/2013Market ManagerMarketSource Springfield, MADrove sales revenue by $3,265,842 for the year through 33 National Retailer locations including Wal-Mart, Costco, Staples, Target, Apple and Microsoft.Exceeded annual g oals by 29% and delivered 27% YOY same store growth. Duties included creating consumer awareness, and product mind share training, assisted sales, and merchandising.Trained and elevated the selling skills of over 130 national retail sales representatives and managers across a mulit-state territory.03/2010 to 07/2012Lead Consultant- SupervisorSprint West Springfield, MASupported the manger and performed operational duties for the store. Sat in on interviews to help with the hiring process as well.Held quarterly table events at local colleges and businesses to increase sales for the store.Exceeded annual goals by 22% and delivered 18% YOY same store growth. Performed excellent customer service and resolved customers complaints in a professional manner.09/2007 to 04/2009Senior ConsultantVerizon Wireless Enfield, CTPerformed opening and closing tasks for store, also handled merchandising and ordered supplies.Cold called businesses and customers to generate more business for the store.Co rrected paperwork daily and took care of sales reports as well as doing inventory counts.01/2007 to 09/2007Assistant ManagerRadio Shack Springfield, MAAssisted in interviews, advised on who to hire and trained a team of up to 15 professionals.Performed weekly one on ones, monthly progression reports and structured sales plans to help employees increase their sales by motivating them and directing them to set goals.Responsible for loss prevention for the store as well as ordering and delegating tasks to ensure the store ran efficiently.06/2004 to 12/2006Manager- District Manager in TrainingWireless Advocates West Springfield, MAGreat management, organizational and training skills which helped when I took over the District Managers roll when he left on business. With a district of 12 stores and up to 48 team members.Interviewed, hired, trained and terminated if necessary. Held my team accountable for their performance on a consistent basis.Increased my own store goals at an annual inc rease of 24% and 21% YOY same store growth. Customize ResumeMore Telecommunications and Wireless ResumesEntry Level Management Resume Templates

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Top Special Skill on Resume Choices

Top Special Skill on Resume Choices The excellent news is that will be hard pressed to locate a position that doesnt require some degree of working together. The capacity to make a plan is one which shouldnt be brushed aside. If youve assigned the job to compose a resume, you need to understand its format first. If youre interested in submitting an application for a particular job, review the post carefully and observe the list of skill requirements. If youre fighting to think of any, you can attempt employing the job descriptions of ads in your industry, in plus-rechnen to looking at LinkedIn profiles of folks working in similar roles. You can also have more recent experience from a work training course or employment seminar that could aid with that specific function. By assigning yourself additional wisdom and experience, youre not likely to find work. Opportunely, network engineer resumes have an extremely straightforward format. Thus when writing down your job skills t ake some time to strategize and find out the very best approach to organize them in your resume. Jobs are constantly changing and evolving, and you need to demonstrate an openness to raise and learn with that shift. Bearing that in mind, obtaining a section that basically spells out your hard skills makes a whole lot of senseeven if it comes at the expense of a tiny redundancy. Regardless of what your age, and however much experience that you have, you always need to be ready to learn a new skill or technique. Theres a whole lot of discrepancy in opinion about which special skills belong on your resume. Or you may have had to fix social problems among your subordinates or peers, the sort of problem that you can surely expect to see in the civilian world too. Additionally, you might concentrate on a unique skill. Soft abilities, on the flip side, arent simple to quantify. Even if your skills only fill a couple of lines, it is possible to still format it the exact way. In the majority of instances, your soft skills can boost your hard skills. If youre searching for a position doing graphic design, photography is a good skill to get. Instead, you need to showcase your soft skills by making an achievement-oriented expert experience section. 3 First, you have to select the best skills for your resume. As you proceed through the list of skills above, make a distinct list with the skills which you already possess. Perhaps your skill set is entirely different. As soon as youve decided where to distribution policy your language skills, your next task is to ascertain how to describe them. 1 special skill that needs to be included on your resume is if you may speak in any accents. If youre not certain which skills you would like to share, consider your prior experiences. Job-specific skills vary depending on the position. Each interpersonal skill ought to be demonstrated by utilizing evidence. Review their About Us page and see whether your soft abilitie s or attributes are aligned with the organizations core values. Committed Show that youre devoted to your work, begin to finish. The particular skills section of an actors resume isnt a landfill for useless info, he states. Just like any resume, you would like to include skills that are related to and desirable for the roles youre auditioning for. Circus skills might also be listed.